Migrant Children
Tianchu Miaoxiang support Migrant Chilren focused NGO programs
Tianchu Miaoxiang has connection with several NGO programs whose focus are on Migrant Chilren, and we provide support in various ways to help:

Tianchu Miaoxiang Vegetarian Restaurant participates in CAI's Choice program to offer up to 50% off meal

Tianchu Miaoxiang actively participate CAI's latest Choice Program, and provide very attractive discount to Choice card holders:

>> Year Round Discount: Enjoy 10% off (except drinks, rice and noodles).
>> One Time Discount: Enjoy 50% off (except drinks, rice and noodles).

About CAI: (http://www.cai-china.org) A NGO founded by a former corporate attorney, CAI focuses on youth development for underprivileged youth in China through values-oriented activities and arts and sports programs. CAI("≤Ň"£©means talent.