Discounts for customers who don¡¯t waste
* If you finish all the dishes you order, you may receive a "Fu" stamp on the Fu Card(available on each table)¡£
* Please take Fu Card with you when dine with us¡£
* Receive a pot of herbal tea when you have 6 Fu stamps
* Receive a free dish of under 30 CNY when you have 12 Fu stamps.
¡¾To Encourage No Waste, Approach 1£ºFriendly reminding¡¿
Our waitress will remind you if it seems that you have over ordered your meal.
¡¾To Encourage No Waste, Approach 2£ºPrize for no waste¡¿
On 28th of every month, we will give a gift to customers who don't waste their meal.
¡¾To Encourage No Waste, Approach 3£ºTake-away box ready¡¿
Our waitress will suggest you to take away the left-overs, and we offer free environmental friendly take-away boxes.