The Story of Tianchu - by Yinan, Founder of Tianchu Miaoxiang
The first Tianchumiaoxiang Vegetarian Restaurant opened during SARS period in 2003. The reason I left my job at AOL and devoted my time to start up a vegetarian restaurant is because I felt deeply about the real benefits of a vegetarian diet after living as a vegetarian for three-years--from 2000 to 2003. A vegetarian diet is not only good for other lives and environment, but also for myself. On one hand it protects animals, respect lives, protects environment, saves plenty of grains, water, land and other resources (The livestock industry consumes plenty of land, water and grains, and destroys many natural forests); on the other hand vegetarian diet is very helpful for our physical and mental wellbeing. Thus, I kept promoting vegetarian diet to all my friends: Have more vegetarian food!

As an old saying goes ¡®medicine is never better than vegetarian diet¡¯. Nutritionists pointed out that due to long history of food shortage during human evolution, people developed unbalanced strong taste preference toward animal meant which contains high level of fats and protein. This unbalance taste preference has become a serious health killer in a food abundant modern society, directly causes many ¡°rich¡± diseases such as diabetes, cardiopathy, hypertension, apoplexy, gout, constipation and so on. Balanced vegetarian diet could effectively help us reducing excessive animal fat and protein intake, while replenish appropriate vegetarian nutrition which is more easily digested and absorbed by human bodies, thus substantially reduce the risk of above mentioned diseases.

In addition, the modern industrial meat producers feed animals with large quantity of growth hormone and artificial forage in order to speed up the animals growing process. Furthermore, to increase meat output efficiency, the animals are raised up in an over crowed artificial environment, which induced many rare virus, bacteria and animal parasites. The meat producers feed the animals with over dosage of antibiotic and other drugs to keep the animal alive. The industrial meat production process made today¡¯s meat a carrier of harmful chemical substances. Vegetarian diet could help us to cut off the intake of those harmful substances and avoid becoming the victim of the modern meat industry.

The huge value of vegetarian diet drove our ambition - to help more people readily enjoy safe, clean, healthy and delicious vegetarian food through opening more quality vegetarian restaurants. In 2005 we opened our second Tianchumiaoxiang Vegetarian restaurant near Tsinghua University. Our restaurant quickly attracted so many customers that the restaurant soon become over crowded. With the help of our customers, we started to look for new sites and finally secured a prime site at Chaowai SOHO and opened our third Tianchumiaoxiang Vegetarian Restaurant now.

To ensure the high quality of food offered in our restaurants, we have insisted on the following rules in the past six years:

  • Spacious kitchen that exceeded regulatory hygienic requirements.
  • Using branded cooking oil, environmental treatment of used oil
  • Olive oil is used when appropriate
  • Using branded small-packaged ingredients
  • Using mushroom essence to replace MSG
  • Raw-eaten vegetables are organic products acquired from international branded supermarkets
  • Raw-eaten vegetables are cleaned with pure water and Amway products
  • Environmental take-away box

Our kitchen has always been open to customers for inspections and comments.